Graphic Design

These are business cards I made for Kristin Briggs Massage. I started by designing the leaf logo for print and web use. For the business cards I went with a double sided design that uses spot gloss to give only the leaf area of the card a glossy shine. I had the cards corner cut to give them a friendly feel and used a palette that embodies healing and personal growth set on the calming dark background. Along with the business cards I made several variants of gift cards. To show off the cards I used the same on-demand laser cutter, Ponoko that helped produce my bamboo side table to create a unique business card stand that went with the healing and growth theme of the card.

I made this body of work to show my abilities as a diverse photographer, graphic designer and copywriter. Being able to emulate a variety of professional styles while bringing humor to the set of these faux advertisements was my objective.

Here is a trifold brochure and postcard I put together for Quarterman Photography. These marketing materials were used to target high school seniors for their senior portraits. The post card was designed to meet postal regulations and direct mailing specifications.

I designed this logo for MOS Tactical. The logo needed to be easy to read, monochrome, work in reverse color and stand alone or with the use of their name and slogan.

For this project, I wanted to see if I could take related categories of companies and show them in a way that was less obtrusive than billboards or television ads while still reaching consumers. I came up with a new way to permeate the viewer by creating branded wallpaper using various corporations' logos. This is a more desirable way to interact with a brand on a daily basis. Included in this article are links to download full size versions of the wallpaper.