Personal Projects

Wanting learn about the latest self-manufacturing technology known as additive manufacturing or 3D printing, I came up with a project for myself. I decided to use 3D printing to make one of the most popular selling folding knives lighter and have better grip. I achieved this goal by designing and 3D printing a replacement knife scale (handle) for the Kershaw Cryo folding knife.

Viewing Charlotte Film

Being new to the Charlotte, NC area I decided to head downtown and take my camera with me. Making this short film was a great way to learn my way around the city and get a feel for the area. I had a lot of fun making this and really enjoyed seeing so many public commissioned works of art highlighting the landscape.

I find a lot of satisfaction from creating and making the things that surround me everyday. The desire to create new functional things in my life led me to wanting to create a piece of furniture that didn't look like something you could buy just anywhere. Without owning a wood shop or metal working space, I had to come up with an alternative method of manufacturing or handcrafting my own piece of furniture.


Wanting to put my Wacom Bamboo pen tablet to the test I began working on mimicking a painterly style. My passion for animals naturally led me to want to paint a portrait of my dog Tera and one of her four legged friends.