Bamboo Side Table

I find a lot of satisfaction from creating and making the things that surround me everyday. The desire to create new functional things in my life led me to wanting to create a piece of furniture that didn't look like something you could buy just anywhere. Without owning a wood shop or metal working space, I had to come up with an alternative method of manufacturing or handcrafting my own piece of furniture.

I came across the online manufacturing site Ponoko that offers laser cutting and other on demand manufacturing processes. I did several sketches of what I wanted to build and had to work within the limits of the largest size of board I could have laser cut by Ponoko. I drafted numerous variations of my pencil drawings in the 3D software Sketchup.I had to take into consideration things like how much the material would flex, what hardware was available to bolt everything together and the limitations of the laser process. The materials I used are layered bamboo, black acetal resin delrin thermoplastic, transparent acrylic, aluminum and stainless steel hardware.

Here are the final renderings:

After drafting the table in Sketchup I sent the digital files to Ponoko and had them cut the materials. Once they arrived I test fitted the parts and then put the finishing touches on the table. I put a lacquer finish on the bamboo and used a Dremel tool with a sanding wheel to polish the aluminum legs and delrin pieces to create added depth to the pieces.

Here are photographs of the table assembled: