I made this body of work to show my abilities as a diverse photographer, graphic designer and copywriter. Being able to emulate a variety of professional styles while bringing humor to the set of these faux advertisements was my objective.

Ever since I was a child I had a passion for anything and everything mechanical. One of my favorite ways to truly connect with a machine is to be exposed to the elements of nature while riding what I consider a kinetic sculpture. These photographs are a small collection from what I have taken over the years consisting of motorcycles built by the award winning John Dodson of Gangster Choppers in Richmond, VA. Many of these photos have been featured in national publications.

These product photos were taken for MOS Tactical. These photos are being used as banners and product photographs online and in print. The client wanted product photographs that would stand out from the normal product on white background to let their customers know they are where to shop for military grade night vision goggles.