I made this body of work to show my abilities as a diverse photographer, graphic designer and copywriter. Being able to emulate a variety of professional styles while bringing humor to the set of these faux advertisements was my objective.

I started this project by researching popular magazines and the advertisements they contained. I wanted to get a feel for what subject matter and imagery being used to sell ideas, services and products. I wanted to get a sense of things like how often females appeared compared to males and what fonts where popular. I researched the businesses and the bad publicity many of them had received in recent years. I wanted to see how public opinion on many of these topics would influence the ad if brought to the forefront rather than left to public relation managers to deal with.

The methods used in these ads taught me a great deal about research, public opinion, and spinning news publicity for better or worse. The process I used could be applied to public service announcements, competitor attacks or adding humor to existing brands. Being that most people are inundated with advertisements, I feel to really reach a customer there is a great need to explore new areas of marketing such as this.

To display the project and encourage viewer interaction I joined all of the images together in the form of a magazine. I enjoy seeing the look of surprise when people realize that the magazine and ads are a humorous portfolio rather than a consumer report magazine.




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